2018 Summer Free Family Yoga scholarship

Brookside Studio is honored to receive a private grant from a long-time friend and supporter.  Brookside Studio aims to promote wellness and health, and to be a force for good in our community, thus we are excited to utilize the funding to bring our very first Free Family Yoga Scholarship program to Meadville, PA.

The scholarships will be offered to 10 children and their parents, guardians, or caregivers to attend 4-Week Family Yoga sessions at Brookside during the months of July and August. Each session runs one hour.  By practicing fun and playful poses, children learn how to exercise, concentrate, develop confidence, and make friends with other children. The program does not have any type of religious association.  Instead, we will use fun and kid-friendly terms and focus on the fitness benefits. Our intention is to promote basic and healthy stretching, to teach breathing and relaxation skills, to spark imagination, and to improve mind-body awareness, along with caregiver-child connection.

At Brookside, this 4-Week fun and enjoyable program will offer a variety of breathing techniques, poses, and games, and end with a final relaxation in each session.  Yoga has been proven to increase focus, self-esteem, and physical strength in children. It's our hope that introducing the joy of yoga to children at a young age can cultivate a lifetime practice.  Plus, what’s better than caregivers and children spending some quality bonding time together!

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