A place to unwind.


Namaste and Welcome!

Looking for a safe, welcoming, beautiful space to practice or learn yoga, meditation, dance, Qigong, and many other practices in an easily accessible, convenient location, with experienced instructors and consistent classes in a variety of styles and levels?  Welcome to Brookside Studio.


Located in the heart of downtown Meadville and beside the newly planted Grow Meadville community orchard, within walking distance of Meadville Medical Center, Allegheny College, Diamond Park, and the Crawford County Courthouse, Brookside Studio opened its doors in the fall of 2013.

The studio features in-floor heat and a cathedral ceiling and is located on more than half an acre of land with sheltering maple trees and a tributary of historic Mill Run crossing the northern end of the property, all of which combine to create a very special ambiance. In the summer of 2016, we expanded off-street parking and built an outdoor yoga garden. Most importantly, we have experienced, insightful, friendly instructors who very much enjoy sharing their love of this ancient path to health, wellness and creativity with new and seasoned practitioners alike.

Class times vary: refer to our Punchpass page for the most current schedule. However, our doors are generally open at least 20 minutes before scheduled classes begin.


Brookside Studio Founder


Anne E. Sylves, RN, RYT


5.11.1963 - 8.19.2015


It was Anne's dream to bring yoga and Brookside Studio to Meadville, PA.

Her dream has grown, and we are honored to be a part of it.

An Open Letter to the Community

Dear Friends of Brookside,

Brookside Yoga was our founder’s idea and dream. Being a dedicated yogi herself, she wanted to bring yoga and a studio to Meadville community. It was her mission, and now ours, to create and provide a safe, non-judgmental, welcoming space for learning many types of practices, for personal growth and better health. For the past five years, it has also been our goal to offer every instructor an opportunity, stage and support to teach, promote and share their practices. We have witnessed the yoga community grow with an increasing number of people enjoying their choices of classes at Brookside every year since our opening in 2013. It was a slow process the first three years, yet we managed to keep the studio open. 

We believe in acceptance, diversity, and being open minded, thus we’ve always welcomed and supported a variety of practices offered by many instructors who have walked in Brookside Studio’s door. Most of the yoga instructors started out at Brookside as their first yoga teaching experience in a studio setting, and they were able to build their classes and clientele here. We were proud to see instructors at Brookside succeed, and enjoyed hearing from students about how classes at Brookside benefited their lives.

We hoped that Brookside Studio would continue to grow together with our community. However, life can take us to different directions by surprise. Most of the instructors have moved on to offer classes at other locations. We feel that Brookside’s original intent of bringing yoga to Meadville was accomplished.

In spite of recent changes at Brookside, we want to give our sincerest gratitude to our instructors, Karen, Rachel, Pamela, and Hannah, who remain at Brookside, and everyone that continues supporting us. Although we are offering fewer classes at this point, we want to assure you that Brookside will always be here for those who truly cherish the space and those who enjoy sharing their practice here. Our door remains open to bring wellness and new teachers to the community.



George Sylves

Studio Owner


April 7th, 2018