Brookside is AMAZING!! After just a few classes I have learned so many new things and have received lots of help finding different ways to enhance my practice. Vinyasa flow is fantastic. Definitely worth checking out, even for people new to yoga like me!!
— Allisa, 2018

Brookside is amazing! Love all the yoga classes. Tried the Zumba class for the first time today and it was a great workout and so much fun! Highly recommend!
— Alyssa, 2017

Brookside treats you like family the moment you step into the yard. The belly dance class - or Sacred Circle Belly Dance Troupe - in particular, has created such a sense of bonding and body-loving support. I’m so grateful!
— Alicia, 2017

Every experience with Brookside has been truly wonderful! Everyone there makes you feel so comfortable, welcome, and accepted just as you are. I love the absence of ego. No competition, just the peaceful practice of Yoga. :) ... I recommend Brookside to anyone who’s ever considered Yoga but were afraid to because they might be criticized for their lack of ability.... I look forward to every Saturday morning, and I always leave feeling peaceful, energized, and so happy I came... Thank you Brookside!
— David, 2017

Was able to participate in the couples yoga class here for Valentines day 2017. My fiance and I really enjoyed the space and practice at Brookside! If we were in Meadville often we would certainly have class packs to attend frequently. A very wonderful and well thought out yoga space!
— Tiffany, 2017

I have been going to Allegheny College for 2 years now and had no clue Brookside existed! While staying on campus for the summer, I was itching for some yoga in my life and happened to google “yoga in Meadville, PA” and there it was - one of the most beautiful and peaceful yoga studios ever! I’m still a beginner, but I’m welcomed and feel unjudged in any class I happen to make it to! Love it
— Chelsea, 2016
Brookside Yoga is a warm and loving place both inside and out! All of the instructors care about each and every person and strive to make each each yoga practice a meaningful, enriching experience for those present. I have learned so much in the few short months I have been coming here. I feel better about myself and am passing on a better person to those I love and those I meet. Coming to Brookside Yoga has made a very positive change in my life, and I am learning things that I can continue with for the rest of my life!
— Erin, 2016
I really like the location of the studio being tucked away from the busy streets and noise. I’ve learned more from this studio than any other and all the instructors are positive, friendly, and customer-oriented. I highly recommend any yogi try this studio.
— Zack, 2015

Brookside Yoga is an incredibly valuable community resource and a place to help bring us all back to ourselves.
— Josh, 2015

Even though I travel frequently and have gone to yoga studios in DC and Philly and NJ, my favorite place of all is at home at Brookside. Just walking through the door into the serene studio makes me happy, no matter what else the day has held. Most importantly, the teachers really know their stuff, and pay attention to creating an atmosphere where each student’s practice is respected, and challenged to deepen and grow. Teachers offer lots of cues and modifications to ease or deepen positions. A warm, friendly, supportive place!
— Kathy, 2015
Lovely find in Meadville, Pa. I took two classes and although very different, they both offered a wonderful yoga experience. I will definitely be back the next time I visit the area.
— Maria, 2015
Brings me peace! And the outside class today Was PERFECT!
— Shaneka, 2015

Love it here!! Great instructors and wonderful atmosphere.
— Danielle, 2015

BROOKSIDE YOGA is one of the BEST yoga studios I’ve ever been too and I’ve been to many classes in many cities!!
Fantastic YOGA classes, Excellent helpful instructors, Beautiful studio
— Debra, 2014